We want to help you get the wardrobe of your dreams! Our personal shoppers are your personal fashion assistants.

How It Works

Set up your account and style profile

Sign up to create an account and take a few seconds (one minute, tops!) to tell us your size, price, and style preferences. During your account set-up you will also indicate how you want your personal shopper to find your first outfit.

Pick your Style Package

Much like how you purchase yoga classes from a studio, you can pick from different Style Packages:
Single Outfit Request Package, 3 Outfit Request Package, 5 Outfit Request Package or the 10 Outfit Request Package!
(Pssst...the larger the quantity included in the package, the cheaper each individual Outfit Request is!)

We find items and send you a lookbook

After you provide your fee, your shopper will follow up via text message within 48 hours to show you the options she found in a lookbook with prices for each item. If there are any items you want your shopper to re-shop, let her know and she'll find new options for you within 24-48 hours.

We'll process the checkouts for the items you want to buy

Once you've told us which items you want to purchase, we'll process the checkouts for you and have them shipped to your door!


Choose your Style Package between a single outfit request, 3 outfit requests, 5 outfit requests or 10 outfit requests.
What’s included in every Make It Hapin Outfit Request:
  • Free shipping and returns on all items purchased through Make It Hapin!
  • Direct communication with your personal shopper and stylist through text message.
  • A visual lookbook of items presented to you for your approval.
  • Your shopper will "re-shop" (do-over) items for you one time if the first picks don't quite meet your needs!
  • Option to purchase additional re-shops, if needed.
  • Style advice based on your request.
Single Outfit Request 

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3 Outfit Requests 

(You save $30 with this package!)

5 Outfit Requests 

(You save $75 with this package!)

10 Outfit Requests 

(You save $200 with this package!)

How We Helped Our Clients #make_it_hapin​

Our clients submitted the outfit on the left. Our personal shoppers found items to match with their preferences on the right.

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