Look Chic in Chunky Sneaks

Chunky turtleneck-levi's-chunky sneakers

Everyone from Bella Hadid to Joe Jonas has been rocking chunky sneakers. Balenciaga introduced the clunky sneaks. But fast fashion brands, FILA, and even Prada have all developed their own version of the trendy shoe. These large soled shoes have been around for years and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. So, we are here to tell you just what to wear with your dad sneakers.

what to wear with chunky sneakers

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Here’s how to style pattern pants and chunky sneaks. These trendsetting high rise, gingham cigarette pants will balance out the big sweater and shoes. The oversized pullover sweater is from the Urban Renewal Vintage collection. A round neckline will accentuate the face and shoulders. Lace-up platform shoes will give you the look of boots and feel of trainers. Textured wool-blend socks complete the outfit. You’ll be comfy in this classic, posh look!

Gingham ankle pants and oversized sweater

Next up we have a chunky turtleneck to go with those chunky shoes. The sweater has cable-knit details and dropped shoulders. It will look amazing tucked into the highest rise Levi’s. Classic straight-leg jeans bring sleekness to the ensemble. The earth tone color-block design of the sneaks complement the copper sweater. Wear your hair up to really set off this look! And remember, as long as you have some slim-fit pants you’ll be able to pull off those clunky shoes!

chunky turtleneck and straight leg jeans

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Athletic Wear Takes on the High Fashion World

Robert Geller X Lululemon

Get ready for blast off! Robert Geller and Lululemon teamed up to bring athleisure to New York Fashion Week. The collection was described as “mountain climbing to the moon.” Adventure, space, neon colors, and long coats all collided on the runway. These combinations may be a bit too out of this world for your liking, but we still think you should give them a try! You’ll be comfortable in these functional fits and you’ll be dubbed the elite fashion arbiter in your clique.

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First up we have a mildly upscale sporty ensemble. Athletic wear continues to become increasingly integrated into everyday clothing. The industry keeps finding new ways to bring technical performance fibers and sophisticated aesthetics together. The patterned joggers create texture and intrigue. An overcoat and hoodie will make for a smart casual look.

Lululemon mens joggers

Here are the actual moon landscape Robert Geller joggers. The green long sleeve accents the earth tones, while the jacket brings balance and completes the color scheme. This look really is an excellent cross between traditional and futuristic styles.

Robert Geller Lululemon Joggers

To finish off this trend report we’ve created this simple unique outfit. The Robert Geller button-up has a technical structure that compliments the neon pants. You’ll definitely make a statement in this look!

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Get this Year’s Relaxed & Upscale Thanksgiving Fits

Thanksgiving outfits

Happy Turkey Day from our family to yours! We have so much to be thankful for, but we really appreciate all of our followers. We’ve brought you all the thanksgiving ensembles that will keep you feeling good and looking great in those family photos!

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Fancy Fits

Here are some upscale styles that you’ll need if you want to be best dressed at tonight’s dinner. Maybe your meeting bae’s family for the first time and you want to make a good impression. Maybe you just love looking nice no matter the occasion. Whatever the reason, we’ve got you covered!

First, we have this outfit that has a touch of everything. You’ll look wholesome, classy, and even sexy in this look. The scoop neck bodysuit will work with all figures. We love the way the beige lightens the harsh lines in the check skirt. It brings a whole new vibe to the garment. The red boots and detailing pop and they add that extra bit of spice. Don’t forget the details! The gold shoe bottoms are complemented by the rose gold watch, which adds the perfect amount of sophistication.

Thanksgiving outfit, Skirt and Thigh high boots

Next up is this high-class sweater and jeans combo for all the fresh guys out there. This sweater is a must-have for the holiday season. The exquisite stitchwork gives texture and will have you looking handsome. The slimming dark wash jeans will pair perfectly with the cable-knit sweater. The gold chain and leather boots supplement each other and they will give you that extra bit of swag!

Men's Thanksgiving outfit, Dark jeans and sweater

Cute & Cozy Looks

Now it’s time to look at the fits that will allow you to eat as much good food as you want! You’ll look refined while still feeling comfy. And you’ll be able to lounge on the couch watching the game or help out in the kitchen with ease.

So we have ruffle waist joggers and a ribbed bodysuit. The ruffles give the joggers more of a formal look. The bodysuit is clean and simple. This duster cardigan is to die for! It’s versatile and the sleeves are super cute! There are even slits up the sides that give extra movement and flow. The platform sneakers are polished and trendy. And the overall color scheme is just right for fall!

Gathered Waist Jogger and White Duster

Here is a simple and classic look. The twill material is modern and nicer than the average jogger. A vintage J. Crew top balances the outfit. The blue Nike’s are the pop of color needed to complete this ensemble. You’ll effortlessly look like a fashion-forward stud!

Men's Relaxed Outfit, Nike's, Joggers, White long Sleeve

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How to Master the Funky Fall Fringe Trend

Funky Boho Fall Fringe

The fringe trend continues to evolve. We’ve seen fringed crop tops and festival wear. Tassel dresses, fringe embellishments, and classic western jackets have all shifted in and out of style. Even fringe haircuts are back. But one thing is for certain, this year’s fall fringe trend is a novelty.

Coach  2019 Ready-To-Wear

The Coach 2019 Ready-to-Wear runway featured old school layering, hefty jackets, and grunge-inspired looks. The brand brought to light modern ways to incorporate fringe into your fall ensembles. We’ve embraced various decades in order to bring you combinations that you’ve never thought possible. These effortless looks will make any guy or gal appear to be a fashion-conscious guru. Everyone will be questioning how you pulled off such a tricky look with ease and prowess.

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Get Groovy in this Fringe Vest and Skirt Set

Here’s the ideal fall fit for the modern flower child. It’s an edgy style, but you can trust us when we say it’ll look top-notch. The 70’s influenced fringe detail vest and platform boots are brought into current times by the pullover skirt combo. The crew neck sweatshirt is a classic item that’ll accentuate your face and shoulders. When it comes to black and brown mash-ups, burgundy is the best accent color. The midi skirt is a lovely piece that elevates the look and it even has a pocket! The shoes are a chic take on the old school go-go boot. These sassy boots weren’t named after Friday night for nothing!

Fall 2019 Fringe

Layered Fringe For the Win

At some point, you may have questioned whether or not men should wear fringe. Well, we are here to reassure you that men can rock this trend while remaining masculine and sophisticated. This relaxed tank has dropped armholes that’ll allow it to flawlessly fit over the black hoodie. The ’90s inspired layered-style will add texture and visual interest. Slim fit jeans balance out the baggy top. Lastly, these suede sneakers are super unique and make for a stand out casual look!

Men's Fall Fringe

You’ll be Feelin’ this Funky Boho Look

This is a polished take on festival wear that’ll ignite the hearts of boho fashion queens. We love this look and can’t believe that a fringe blazer exists! The look is superbly balanced with a slinky dress sandwiched between an oversized jacket and chunky combat boots. The velvet column maxi dress has a square neckline that’ll make you appear leaner. You’ll see combat boots everywhere no matter the season, so you might as well embrace them. But don’t worry we didn’t bring you just any combat boots, we brought you distinctive, stompy, vintage, VEGAN combat boots!

Boho Fall Trend

From Cowboy to City Boy

Now it’s time to let go of all the drama and live your best life in this fringe zip up. We’ve found one of the only non-western looking fringe jackets for men. Less is more! This look is for those that just want to dip their toe into the trend. The black fringe is subtle and makes for a smart look. These brown skinny jeans will be extremely comfortable and supplement the point collar jacket. You can’t go wrong with jeans and Chelsea boots. These sleek shoes finish the look and the wood detailed heel adds a bit of pizzazz.

Men's Boho Fall Look

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Coats & Turtlenecks Will Make For A Cosmopolitan Look

Men's Turtleneck and overcoat fit

The turtleneck is a classic that never fails to look refined. But the Balenciaga Fall 2019 Ready-To-Wear collection has taken the garment to new heights! The line is full of dark colors, dramatically structured shoulders, and extremely tall collars. These idiosyncratic pieces inspired us to style amazing looks for both men and women!

Balenciaga Fall 2019 Ready to Wear

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Green Blazer x Black Turtleneck

You’ll look fresh off the runway in this fit. The emerald green and black hues are rich and elegant. A chunky rib-knit turtleneck will look marvelous under the oversized single-breasted blazer. The slim fit pants will balance out the look. And how could you say no to these Steve Madden slip-on mules?! Wear this outfit and take charge!

Green Blazer and Black Turtleneck outfit

Turtleneck x Denim

Surprise! Our first featured men’s look had to be suave. We have paired a slim fit, high neck sweater with a long tailored overcoat. Dark blue straight fit jeans are the essential pop of color needed to offset the neutral tan and black shades. The overcoat and turtleneck combo is an ideal look. And pairing long coats with jeans makes for a classy touch. Velvet shoes complete the slick style. You’ll feel like you stepped right out of a Balenciaga catalog in this fall fit!

Men's Overcoat and turtleneck fit with jeans

Turtleneck x Stand Collar Coat

Last but certainly not least we have this beautiful earth tone ensemble. The coral sweater has raglan sleeves and creates a straight silhouette. It is paired with a stand collar wool-blend tailored coat. And these tan pinstripe pants add a little flavor. The peep toe, open heeled booties will give you an edge and supplement the ankle pants. The outfit is balanced due to the long garments being on top and the slim-fitting items that show a little skin on the bottom. The turtleneck and stand collar coat duo is the ultimate style trend that you must embrace!

Stand collar coat and turtleneck outfit with peep toe booties

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How to Look Superwoman Chic

Single Button Cape Coat

Have you been skeptical about the cape coat trend? Is it too risky of a fashion statement for you? Well, we are here to show you just how easy it is to add this item to your wardrobe. Kate Moss, Elizabeth Banks, and Jennifer Lopez are just a few of the many stars that have been rocking this look. Capes were all over the Fall 2019 Ready-to-Wear runways. Chanel, Celine, Valentino, and Miu Miu are some of the designers that have shown us just how chic the trend can be. So, it’s time to say goodbye to sleaves and accept this daring item.

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Color Block Cape Fit

Here is a two-tone open front cape coat ensemble. The coat turns this simple jeans and sweater combo into a sophisticated classy look. We utilized color blocking throughout this fit. The color palette consists of beige, black, dark blue, and grey. The dark wash jeans pair well with the two-toned coat. The tall grey boots give the outfit the last color block needed to make for a simple yet snazzy look.

Two Tone Open Front Cape Coat

Monochrome x Long Cape Coat

Next, we have an extremely stylish long cape coat with a monochrome shirt and pant set. Monochrome is a very versatile look. It can be worn during any season and never fails to look elegant. The long cape adds a bold touch to the fit and really brings it together. Color block pumps add the perfect hint of flair and the pop of yellow breaks up the two colored ensemble.

Single Button Cape Coat

Put on your superwoman cape and take on the world. In these outfits, your looks will be sharp enough to defeat anything that gets in your way!

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Feel Warm, But Look Sleek in a Puffer Jacket

Longline puffer coat black skinny jeans

Puffer Coats are most definitely still in style! And just in case you needed some reassurance we have found some of the most popular models and stars rocking the hot item. Rihanna, Hailey Baldwin, Gigi Hadid, Kim Kardashian, and Adriana Lima are just a few celebs who have all been spotted in the garment. The jacket made a huge impact on the Burberry Fall 2019 Ready-to-wear collection. So you can best believe we’re bringing the trend to you!

Puffer coats are quilted jackets filled with down feathers. The coats that we have featured are all made of 100% polyester. This material will keep you warm and insulated. Warmth may have been the main function in the past, but now the style is valued just as high. You’ll look sleek, lavish, and make a statement all while staying warm. We’ve got where to buy puffer coats and what to pair them with.

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The Yellow Puffer

Here is the bold yellow puffer with a stand collar. This color always looks good worn on top. Yellow pairs nicely with stripes and black. The shirt and pant set has a funky geometric vibe. A grid pattern will make you appear taller. You’ll slay in these Michael Kors boots! The lock shaped zipper is iconic. The MK pattern and gold finishing will correlate perfectly with the yellow jacket. As a friendly reminder don’t forget to dry clean your puffer coat!

Yellow Puffer Coat, Black two piece pant set, Michael Kors booties

The Super Crop Puffer

This black super crop puffer will give you extreme confidence. It’s slimmer and sleeker than your average puffer coat. This puffer jacket can easily be packed for your weekend getaway. We have paired it with a biker short onesie and thigh-high boots in true Kim K fashion. Biker shorts continue to be one of this year’s most trending items. Slip on your boots and BOSS UP!

Black crop puffer jacket, thigh high sock boots, biker short romper

The Longline Puffer

Last but certainly not least we have this long puffer coat brought to you by Urban Outfitters. It’s constructed with quilted faux leather and has an oversized fit. You’ll feel as if this jacket has been draped over your shoulders due to the dropped sleeves. Your figure won’t be lost in this oversized item thanks to the form-fitting clothes underneath. A tan tube top and black high waisted skinny jeans are needed to pull off this ensemble. The jeans are complete with gold button detailing that will complement the honey jacket. A flared collar and ankle boot are the last essential pieces used to complete this refined look.

Longline puffer coat black skinny jeans

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How to Slay Halloween like your Favorite Runway Queen

Supermodels on Halloween

This is not a drill! Halloween is exactly one week from today! Are you still struggling to find that perfect costume? Is the Halloween store failing to provide a costume suitable for the club, or that upscale party? Rest assured, we are here to provide you with costumes fit for Vogue! Our personal shoppers utilized their skills to recreate the most fabulous costumes worn by supermodels. So without further ado, here’s how to make these exclusive Halloween looks hapin.

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Runway to Rodeo

Naomi Campbell Halloween

First we have Naomi Campbell rocking a flirty cowgirl costume. Here is a similar bodycon dress that’ll give you curves in all the right places. A square neckline will make you appear leaner and allow you to show off that collarbone. The tassels will have you looking like a pro on the dance floor. This white cowboy hat will give off old western hero vibes. These beautiful ivory boots are sleek and they were made for walking!

Cowgirl Halloween Costume

Sugar, Spice, & Everything Nice

Kendall Jenner Powerpuff Girl

Two years ago Kendall Jenner dressed up as a very sexy Buttercup. She definitely looked like a badass that could save Townsville. You’ll get to show off your hot lace-trimmed satin bralette when you wear this extreme cop top. Super cropped tops are one of today’s most popular trends and they’ll give your fit just the edge it needs. The shredded black denim skirt will look great paired with a green blazer. Thigh-high leather boots wouldn’t be complete without fishnet stockings. Don’t forget to add some chains and a choker to complete this rocker chic look!

Kendall Jenner Powerpuff Girl

Greaser Sandy

Gigi Hadid as Sandy from Grease

Gigi Hadid looks like she stepped right out of the movie in this Greaser Sandy look. An oversized leather jacket will hang off your shoulders perfectly. The sweetheart top will elongate your face and balance out the look. Leather leggings will look good on any body type. The interlock belt and red sandals are the last two items needed to be able to say, “tell me about it, stud.”

Gigi Hadid as Sandy From Grease

We hope you enjoyed these style treats and have a happy Halloween!

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Moody Florals Will Have You Feeling Euphoric This Fall

Black Floral Velvet Pants Pink Sweater Red Boots

Temperatures are dropping and cuffing season is starting. Wishing you were snuggled up with a new boo? Well, we’ve got just the thing for you. Moody florals will have you feeling euphoric and independent. Executing this risky trend will have you feeling yourself!

Moody florals are full of darker tones and lush flowers. The trend gives off a melancholic tone. In the spring florals are light and airy. They often have white backgrounds. Fall florals use bold colors and dark backdrops. The trend is dramatic and beautiful.

Julien Dossena, the director of Paco Rabanne, has truly mastered this trend. Dossena has a futuristic take on period pieces. He grew up in Spain and his creativity is one of a kind. Paco Rabanne focuses on perfume and fashion. The 2019 Fall Winer Collection has caught our eye. Julien puts together unlikely pattern pairs and contrasting colors. He layers conflicting florals, but somehow it all works really well. We are in love with this collection and the emotion it brings out.

Paco Rabanne Moody Floral Inspiration

Here are the looks from the Paco Rabanne runway that inspired us. We had to find a way to make this trend hapin for our readers. And the looks we put together are to die for!

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Floral Maxi Dress

First up we have this dark blue floral maxi dress. The halter neckline will accentuate your face. It is balanced out by the cinched waist that is created by the belt. The flower clusters are gorgeous and look amazing against the deep blue. We paired the dress with a light pink open front cardigan. The deep neckline of the cardigan won’t take away from the halter look. The sweater will allow the pinks in the flower clusters to come forward. The embroidered details on the sleeves complement the dress. The white booties are perfect for the season and will look great!

Dark Floral Tie Dress Light Pink Cardigan

Full Multi-Floral Fit

Next up we have floral on floral..on floral! This drape bodysuit is unlike anything we have ever seen. It’ll look fantastic with these black embellished jeans. The cool blue will be amplified against the pitch-black pants. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, we added a zip-up. You might be uncertain about layering all this floral print, but we are here to assure you that you CAN pull it off. Throw on your booties and strut your stuff. You’ll be the talk of the town in this fit!

Moody Floral Outfit with Black Floral Skinny Jeans

Floral Pants

Last, but certainly not least, we have found the black floral pants of a lifetime! This ensemble has an old school mixed with new school look. These wide-leg pants give off a Pop Art vibe. They will hug your figure in all the right places. This round neck sweatshirt will draw attention to your face and accentuate your shoulders. The deep red roses complement the pink colors throughout the fit. OMG, we love these boots! You will make a statement in this outfit. As soon as you walk in all eyes will be on you!

Black Floral Velvet Pants Pink Sweater Red Boots

Take a chance with these daring fashion statements. Taking a risk will feel empowering. You’ll be the INDEPENDENT woman that can pull off anything!

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The Purr-fect Way to Rock Leopard Print in a Big Way

Leopard Print Blouse and Black Skirt

It’s that time of year again…. Leopard print season! Whenever fall comes around the leopard print trend finds its way back into the mix. This print comes back BIGGER and BADDER every year. So it’s safe to say that leopard print will never go out of style. Fall 2019 leopard print is BOLD and full of statement pieces. Designers and celebrities have been showing off their stunning execution of the trend and we’ve been paying close attention.

Olivia Wilde, Ashley Greene, Marc Jacobs, Leopard Print

Ashley Green looks swank in a full leopard print dress. Olivia Wilde’s leopard blouse and black skirt combo is a darling fit. Models strut across the Marc Jacobs runway in full length animal print coats. These looks have everyone saying WOW!

We are certain that a leopard print dress, blouse, and coat are the must have items to smash this trend. This animal print can be worn anywhere and we have broken down how to do it in a classy way!

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Leopard Print Coats Are In

Look extravagant in a long leopard coat. The days of pairing these coats with all black ensembles are over! In the fall brown and beige are the colors that go with leopard coats. These colors will lighten up your fit and give off warm vibes. The ruffles of this white blouse will peak out of the coat perfectly. The shirt will soften the dramatic coat, but won’t take away its power. These chocolate brown skinny pants and beige booties will make the light colors in the coat more prominent.

Leopard Print Coat Outfit

What to Wear with a Leopard Print Dress

Who knew leopard print could be so classy? This dress is elegant and tasteful. But this blazer will take it to the next level! You’ll look sophisticated on your night out. It’s all in the details. The button on the blazer complements the dress and we couldn’t have asked for better shoes. The wide banded heels supplement the blazer. The slit in the dress will allow you to show a little skin and feel a little flirty. You’ll be the whole package in this outfit: Classy, Sassy, and Sexy

Leopard Print Dress and Blazer

How to Wear a Leopard Print Shirt

We are in love with every piece of this ensemble! You NEED this leopard blouse in your closet ASAP. Everything about it is simply beautiful. The details and trim give off the feeling of a babydoll dress, but the pattern is feisty. This contrast works really well. The shirt can be worn anywhere. Throw on some slacks and you could even wear it to work. The skirt fits the same theme as the shirt. It is long and conservative, yet it has a slit that spices it up. The shoes are to die for! They pull off the same contradiction. They are sexy and refined. They are fun and classic. All eyes will be on you in this garb!

Leopard Print Blouse and Black Skirt

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