Athletic Wear Takes on the High Fashion World

Get ready for blast off! Robert Geller and Lululemon teamed up to bring athleisure to New York Fashion Week. The collection was described as “mountain climbing to the moon.” Adventure, space, neon colors, and long coats all collided on the runway. These combinations may be a bit too out of this world for your liking, but we still think you should give them a try! You’ll be comfortable in these functional fits and you’ll be dubbed the elite fashion arbiter in your clique.

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First up we have a mildly upscale sporty ensemble. Athletic wear continues to become increasingly integrated into everyday clothing. The industry keeps finding new ways to bring technical performance fibers and sophisticated aesthetics together. The patterned joggers create texture and intrigue. An overcoat and hoodie will make for a smart casual look.

Lululemon mens joggers

Here are the actual moon landscape Robert Geller joggers. The green long sleeve accents the earth tones, while the jacket brings balance and completes the color scheme. This look really is an excellent cross between traditional and futuristic styles.

Robert Geller Lululemon Joggers

To finish off this trend report we’ve created this simple unique outfit. The Robert Geller button-up has a technical structure that compliments the neon pants. You’ll definitely make a statement in this look!

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