#Make_It_Hapin: How to Look Sleek & Feel Cozy like Harry Styles

Harry Styles has made one of the biggest transformations that we’ve seen in recent years. He went from boy band star to a full-fledged fashion icon, solo artist, public figure. Just a couple weeks ago he was both the host and musical guest on Saturday Night Live. Everyone was extremely impressed with his comedic abilities. Styles cohosted this year’s Met Gala dressed in a sheer Gucci blouse. The young heartthrob has numerous features in GQ and British Vogue. With a last name that says it all he challenges gender norms and wears everything from bell-bottom suits to women’s sweaters. But not to worry we’ve brought you a sophisticated casual fit to get you started!

Harry Styles Streetwear

Harry Styles has been spotted rocking fits similar to this on a few occasions. He interchanges the designer brands for his crewnecks, but never forgets his overcoat. This fit is easy to pull off and you’ll look like a gentleman. So why not add it to your wardrobe?

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At the base of this outfit, we have two classic items. The cotton knit blend pullover features the iconic CK logo, but it isn’t overwhelming and it’ll accentuate your shoulders. Black Levi’s skinny jeans are versatile and sharp. Both items will look good on any body type.

Balance out the previous simply sleek items with this faux suede double-breasted coat. The coat brings a classy, fresh vibe to street style. It’s the bold item needed to take the ordinary monogram sweatshirt and jeans to the next level. And we can’t say it enough, but you cannot go wrong with Chelsea boots! They regularly look amazing, so add them to your wardrobe in various shades!

To finish off this clean refined look we have these polarized Ray-Bans. You’ll look majestic and stay warm in this earth-toned ensemble. So put your shades on, strut your stuff, and block out the haters!

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