#Make_It_Hapin: Funky Camo Ensemble

We’re back at it again with a fresh client request spotlight! After receiving this inspiration photo of a chic punk rock look, we nearly found the exact items to recreate it. We’re just THAT good!

Funky Camo Outfit

Camo print is always in style and it’s extremely versatile. It can be incorporated into just about any outfit no matter what look you’re going for. It looks good when paired with black, white, and small doses of bold colors. Camouflage can even be worn with linear patterns! This black and white striped shirt looks great with these camo pants because they are the same scale. Wearing a plaid shirt around your waist is a classic 90’s style that keeps coming back. The small bit of plaid works well with the other patterns and none of the designs are overwhelming each other. The leather jacket and camo combo is a classic look that’ll never get old. This composition of patterns and textures makes for a smart, fashion-forward look.

Black peep-toe, open heel booties are the last edgy item that this fit needs. And this vibrant purse is the last classy article essential to this ensemble, which truly has it all! The ideal clash between elegant and rockstar fashion, a mixture of patterns, and harmonious colors all come together to create a fabulous look that anyone can pull off!

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