How to Master the Funky Fall Fringe Trend

The fringe trend continues to evolve. We’ve seen fringed crop tops and festival wear. Tassel dresses, fringe embellishments, and classic western jackets have all shifted in and out of style. Even fringe haircuts are back. But one thing is for certain, this year’s fall fringe trend is a novelty.

Coach  2019 Ready-To-Wear

The Coach 2019 Ready-to-Wear runway featured old school layering, hefty jackets, and grunge-inspired looks. The brand brought to light modern ways to incorporate fringe into your fall ensembles. We’ve embraced various decades in order to bring you combinations that you’ve never thought possible. These effortless looks will make any guy or gal appear to be a fashion-conscious guru. Everyone will be questioning how you pulled off such a tricky look with ease and prowess.

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Get Groovy in this Fringe Vest and Skirt Set

Here’s the ideal fall fit for the modern flower child. It’s an edgy style, but you can trust us when we say it’ll look top-notch. The 70’s influenced fringe detail vest and platform boots are brought into current times by the pullover skirt combo. The crew neck sweatshirt is a classic item that’ll accentuate your face and shoulders. When it comes to black and brown mash-ups, burgundy is the best accent color. The midi skirt is a lovely piece that elevates the look and it even has a pocket! The shoes are a chic take on the old school go-go boot. These sassy boots weren’t named after Friday night for nothing!

Fall 2019 Fringe

Layered Fringe For the Win

At some point, you may have questioned whether or not men should wear fringe. Well, we are here to reassure you that men can rock this trend while remaining masculine and sophisticated. This relaxed tank has dropped armholes that’ll allow it to flawlessly fit over the black hoodie. The ’90s inspired layered-style will add texture and visual interest. Slim fit jeans balance out the baggy top. Lastly, these suede sneakers are super unique and make for a stand out casual look!

Men's Fall Fringe

You’ll be Feelin’ this Funky Boho Look

This is a polished take on festival wear that’ll ignite the hearts of boho fashion queens. We love this look and can’t believe that a fringe blazer exists! The look is superbly balanced with a slinky dress sandwiched between an oversized jacket and chunky combat boots. The velvet column maxi dress has a square neckline that’ll make you appear leaner. You’ll see combat boots everywhere no matter the season, so you might as well embrace them. But don’t worry we didn’t bring you just any combat boots, we brought you distinctive, stompy, vintage, VEGAN combat boots!

Boho Fall Trend

From Cowboy to City Boy

Now it’s time to let go of all the drama and live your best life in this fringe zip up. We’ve found one of the only non-western looking fringe jackets for men. Less is more! This look is for those that just want to dip their toe into the trend. The black fringe is subtle and makes for a smart look. These brown skinny jeans will be extremely comfortable and supplement the point collar jacket. You can’t go wrong with jeans and Chelsea boots. These sleek shoes finish the look and the wood detailed heel adds a bit of pizzazz.

Men's Boho Fall Look

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