#Make_It_Hapin: A Color Statement With This Victoria Beckham Ensemble

We hope everyone is having a lovely week, and that this post gives you the fashion inspiration you’ve been looking for! Every week, we brag about our personal shoppers by showing you how amazing they are at re-creating celebrity looks! This time around, we’re featuring Victoria Beckham’s amazingly bright and colorful ensemble. Check out what our shoppers found so you could add this outfit to your closet!

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The most important aspect of the top is that it is a lightweight sweatshirt. We’re in that sticky time of year where the weather can turn on a dime so you want to make sure you’re rocking light items that you can layer on top of if the wind kicks up. This is a perfect piece for that since you can easily be comfortable in this style of sweater all day, but can also layer a light jacket on top if the temperature decides to drop.

But how about these pants right?! I mean they’re practically identical! Our shoppers were actually able to track down the exact pair of pants featured in the image, but not only was it sold out, but it was priced at about $500 bucks so we figured you guys might prefer these options instead!

We decided that a really cute pair of earrings would top this look off so we went ahead and added these wavy statement studs into the mix along with the flat top sunglasses and the nude strappy heels.

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