#Make_It_Hapin: Here’s How You Can Re-Create Natalie Portman’s Floral Skirt & White Top

We take every opportunity to show off how amazing our shoppers are! And today we’re here to dazzle you with another celebrity Make It Hapin post! This is where our shoppers and stylists pick a celeb, and help you re-create one of their dazzling outfits. Today’s pick? The ever so lovely Natalie Portman. We can’t decide what’s cuter about this image, her son or her outfit! 😂 We’ve gathered up some items to help you re-create this fun and casual summer ensemble. Click on the images to add the items to your closet!

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Natalie Portman street style

Our shoppers selected some unbelievable items to help you re-create this celebrity look! Though the print on Natalie Portman’s blouse is more of a paint splatter, that’s certainly a print that’s hard to find so our shoppers found an fabulous polka dot print that’s asymmetrical. The polka dots give a similar impression to the one featured in the Natalie Portman image.

We also took the opportunity to modernize the handbag, and we included a pair of fantastic sandals so you can get a head to two ensemble!

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