How We Helped Our Client #Make_It_Hapin: Green Cardigan & Floral Blouse

Once a week, we like to take the opportunity to feature a real life Make It Hapin request. These blog posts show off an outfit that an actual client submitted and how her personal shopper was able to find her items to match that inspiration image! We have included the links to the items, but since many of these requests were placed some time ago, the pieces might be sold out. If there’s anything you’d like our shoppers to find for you, just sign up as a client and we’ll help you #make_it_hapin!

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. We may receive a small commission from purchases made from these links. We thank you in advance for using our links!

Our shoppers were very proud of the items they were able to track down to match this inspiration image. This dark teal cardigan is lightweight and soft so it’s the best way to stay warm and stylish as the weather moves on from Winter to Spring.

green button up cardigan

We’re pretty obsessed with this floral blouse. The main take away from the submission image was that the floral print needed to include large leaves as well, giving the item a more unique twist. The print in subtle, but with striking notes of green that are brought out by the cardigan.

Floral sleeveless blouse

If you don’t already own a brown belt, then you need to buy one right now. A medium width brown belt is a great way to add definition to your ensembles…particularly when rocking the high waisted trend that’s so popular right now!

brown belt

We noticed that the jeans in the submission image were not only a bit distressed, but were also discolored. This style of jean is what gives this ensemble an casual twist.

distressed jeans

Can you believe this bag that we found?? It’s basically IDENTICAL to the one in the inspiration image our client submitted. We always do our best to match items exactly, and although it’s not always possible, we’re always thrilled when we hit the nail right on the head!

The original photo included a name brand Tory Burch flats, but since our client was on a budget, we found her another pair of flats that are just as stylish and comfortable!

brown flats

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