#Make_It_Hapin: We’ll Show You How To Get Sarah Jessica Parker’s Pleated Skirt & Olive Top Outfit

Sarah Jessica Parker. The fashion diva and the style icon! She worked her way into our hearts by starring in the infamous show…Sex and The City! Now, she wasn’t always spot on with her style on the show, but we can’t deny that her taste is ON POINT in real life! What we love about her style is the range…there are sexy showstoppers as well as every day ensembles. We chose this fabulous skirt outfit that’s perfect for Spring!

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This comfy and versatile olive green knit top is perfect for layering under high waisted skirts like you see in the SJP look, but it’s also great on top of jeans with a cream cardigan. Olive a staple color for both Spring and Fall so you can never go wrong adding it to your wardrobe.

This black pleated skirt is sure to be a go-to favorite. This piece can be dressed up with some fun sparkly tops or dressed down with a graphic tee. There are so many ways to rock this skirt that you’ll find yourself reaching for it on a weekly basis!

Believe it or not, these shoes make this outfit what it is. While the top and skirt are awesome together…they’re both muted colors and so adding this pop of color and class takes it to the next level!

The bracelet worn in the photo seems to be some sort of beaded cuff bracelet, but since those aren’t very prevalent right now, we decided to opt for a trendier cuff. This bracelet is comfortable and will match any ensemble!

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