How We Helped Our Client #Make_It_Hapin: Mint Pants & Striped Top

As the months continue to fly by it’s time for us to start thinking about Spring. Spring it the time to break out your fun and flashy colors. Our client knew this and so she submitted this awesome look to us! Her personal shopper went above and beyond finding her tons of great options to match her submission image. She didn’t want a blazer, but we decided to include on in the blog post in case any of you lovely readers wanted to purchase one!

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Let’s start from the top down! The mint bubble necklace is fun, flirty and great for adding pops of color to any ensemble. This outfit is all about matching colors together into one ensemble, but if that’s not your thing, then use this necklace to top off a little black dress or to dress up jeans and t-shirts!

This top is a perfect example of what makes our service so awesome. While we can’t always find exact matches to items, we’re often able to find pieces that embody the general feel of the item but with it’s own stylish flair. Our client went nuts over this top!

Our shoppers ended up finding tons of mint jeans for our client, but it turned out she wanted to rock some capris! Well, when our clients want something…we’ll work our butts off to find it for them!

As we said before, our client actually asked to skip the blazer for this outfit, but we thought we’d include one in the blog post anyway…we hope you love it!

Nude heels are such a great staple piece. They’re almost better and more versatile than black pumps since black shoes can often be too dark for certain ensembles. Nude and beige heels match with just about everything and can offer a lighter alternative to the black heel.

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