#Make_It_Hapin: We’ll Show You How To Get Olivia Munn’s Casual Biker Jacket Outfit

Olivia Munn got her start in television journalism before she made the switch to acting. A self proclaimed, nerd, she made us all fall in love with her through her roles in The Newsroom, X-Men and Beyond The Break. Her beauty is only outmatched by her wit and sense of style. For all these reasons and more, we’ve chosen to feature her in this week’s Celebrity Make It Hapin post!

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This casual and fun ensemble is perfect for your every day chores…such as walking the dog! Or getting groceries. We’re not out of winter yet so we still need to stock up on necessary layers to keep warm!

We’re particularly proud of this find! Our shoppers found an awesome faux suede jacket that is almost identical to the one the lovely Olivia Munn is wearing! This jacket is soft, subtle and extremely versatile. Want to know how you can rock this jacket for Spring? Throw it on over a floral dress and you’ll be good to go!

This shirt is so clutch! Button up shirts are great on their own, but they’re also a perfect layering piece. If you’re looking for another outfit idea for this shirt, then layer a knit crew neck sweater on top so that the button up shirt peeks out from the sweater. A cardigan will work for the layering look too!

You can never go wrong with a pair of black skinny jeans! They’re a solid staple that gives you the perfect base for any ensemble. Dress them up for a night out by putting on a sparkly top or dress down with an over-sized sweater.

If you don’t already own a pair of ankle booties, you should buy a pair right now! The ones we found have an added touch of style with the tan line running through and the wooden heel. These heels are perfect for pants or dresses alike!

A day out and about running errands would not be complete without a fabulous tote! This quilted tote is big enough for all your items and is the perfect shopping companion.

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