The Top 5 Ways To Style Your Little Black Dress

Love is in the air! With Valentine’s day right around the corner and the stress of the holidays behind us, it’s the time of year where we get to spend more time with those we love. That said, there’s one thing we’re not all feeling the love for, and that’s our wardrobe! It’s the time of year when we want to start over…not wear the same old pieces we did the year before. It can be so frustrating to start a new year with the same closet, but we also can’t always justify going out and splurging. We’re here to show you that when you purchase one versatile item, it doesn’t take much to style it for many different occasions. And what item would that be? Well, we just could resist…it’s all about that LBD! (Little Black Dress). Check out how we’ve styled one little black dress in five unique and exciting ways for 2019!

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How to style a little black dress for cold weather

This time of year can be difficult since some lucky folks living in warmer weather states are already starting to push past Winter into Spring, but there are also people who will still have to deal with the cold for another couple of months so it’s important that we show off how this item can we versatile and worn in different temperatures.

Stockings and a heavy duty teddy bear coat will do the trick! Stockings add a layer to your legs to keep you warm while also looking fashionable. Teddy bear coats are cozy and very on trend right now so you’ll feel like a movie star when you’re strutting around town! This outfit is perfect for after work drinks or a fun weekend brunch!

little black dress with shaggy coat

Dress: Tiffany Knot Mini Dress / Petite Knot Mini Dress

Coat: Only Cream Sherling Teddy Coat

Tights: Hanes Fashion Lace Tights

Booties: SODA Iceage Black Heeled Booties

Necklace: Circle Link Necklace

Riding boots are another great accessory for adapting little black dresses for Fall and Spring. Layer socks underneath the boots so that the top of the socks peek out to add a touch of whimsy and warm to the ensemble. The red felt hat will keep the heat in and adds some fun color to the look! Then all you have to do is grab your satchel and head out to that farmer’s market.

little black dress with red hat and riding boots

Dress: Tiffany Knot Mini Dress / Petite Knot Mini Dress

Stockings: Plain Ribbed Knit Stockings

Boots: Women’s Madeline Bluebell Knee High Boot

Hat: Women’s San Diego Hat Company Knit Floppy Wide Brim Hat

Purse: Relic Felicity Convertible Satchel

How to style a little black dress for work

Although the little black dress is a staple as a party dress and for date nights, it’s also a great asset for your work wardrobe. It’s all about how you style it! So for this dress, we’ve chosen a plaid print blazer to layer on top and a classic necklace that brings out the black of the dress and the grey of the blazer. The black heels are stylish but also have a lower heel which will allow you to actually last in those shoes all day.

little black dress with plaid blazer

Dress: Tiffany Knot Mini Dress / Petite Knot Mini Dress

Blazer: Tall Grey Check Print Blazer

Shoes: Journee Collection Lucy Chunky Heel Pumps

Purse: Samsonite Women’S Slim Brief Briefcase

Necklace: Navy Bead Necklace Set

How to style a little black dress for a party

Have some parties coming up? You can never go wrong with a LBD! Idk about you guys, but some of us are still toting around some extra holiday pounds (those resolutions have not had a chance to work yet!) so we love our little black dresses since they’re figure flattering and subtle. The best part of working with a neutral pallet is that it’s all about how you accessorize it. We’ve chosen to go with sassy red shoes and fun and flirty sequinned clutch. And don’t forget to top it all off with some sultry red lipstick!

little black dress with red strappy shoes

Dress: Tiffany Knot Mini Dress / Petite Knot Mini Dress

Bag: Pewter Sequin Piped Clutch bag

Necklace: Carole Womens Choker Necklace

Shoes: Wide Red Strappy Lace-Up Heel

How to style a little black dress for the summer

Little black dresses are not exclusively for formal events…they’re a great asset for the warm weather Summer months! Tan sandals and a denim jacket will turn this dress into an awesome ensemble for hanging out in the park and having a picnic.

little black dress with denim jacket

Dress: Tiffany Knot Mini Dress / Petite Knot Mini Dress

Shoes: BAMBOO Asymmetric Tan Sandals

Jacket: Classic Denim Jacket

Purse: Women’s Mellow World Mia Vegan Mini Satchel

Necklace: Tri-Tone Cleopatra Necklace

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