#Make_It_Hapin: How You Can Re-Create Meghan Markle’s Chic Professional Ensemble

The lovely Duchess of Sussex has smiled her way into our hearts! With her inspiring presence as a role model for girls and women everywhere and her impeccable style, you can’t help but fall in love with her! We love the fact that she does not subscribe to the notion that you can only really have one cohesive style aesthetic, she rocks different looks depending on the occasion and she is not afraid to branch out and take some risks.

This certainly won’t be the first time we feature Meghan Markle in our celebrity Make It Hapin posts but as our first look we’ve chosen this amazing cozy chic ensemble. It’s incredible how versatile this outfit is! Wear it around the house, out to brunch or to the office…there is almost nowhere this outfit can’t go! Our personal shoppers have rounded up some items so that you can re-create this look for yourself…though I’d hurry if I were you…the ladies in our office are bound to buy them all up!

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meghan markle

We found a couple of different turtlenecks that would work, but we also recognize that people have different preferences so we found some lighter weight sweaters and some heavier knit styles so that you could pick the one that suites your lifestyle the best! Not a fan of cloth constricting your neck? You’re not alone…you can opt for a crew-neck pullover instead to keep the air flowing!

The most stunning detail about the pants Meghan is rocking is the shine they put off. That’s what our shoppers focused on since it’s that detail that really take the look to the next level. The wide legged flare is not always a fit for every body type so we’ve included a couple of silhouette options so any body type can partake in this amazing ensemble!

As if the outfit isn’t already perfect…she tops it off with a silver loafer. Such a fantastic touch to this outfit since it’s bright without being overwhelming. Silver is a notch above a neutral tone so it matches the ensemble without overpowering the look. The best part is that these shoes are so versatile and will go with tons of other outfits!

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