#make_it_hapin: How you can re-create Ashley Graham’s office casual outfit

Our personal shoppers are so excited about this new celebrity look for less series! We know lots of you have celebrity style crushes, but struggle to figure out how to re-create those outfits without spending a fortune…well, we understand and we’re here to help! Every week, one of our personal shoppers will pick a different celebrity and show you how to recreate that look within a reasonable budget. We aim to hit all ages and body types so if there’s a celeb you’d like us to cover, be sure to follow our page on Facebook and leave a comment with your celebrity style crush!

What do we have in store for you this week? Well, if you’re looking for a clean cut yet comfortable look to wear to the office then look no further than this layered ensemble that model Ashley Graham is rocking! This figure flattering outfit will have you feeling confident and cozy all day long.

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Ashley Graham wearing long grey cardigan outfit

The key to pulling off this look is to make sure the white button up is not too thick or boxy. This would create too much bulk underneath the think knit sweater and make the whole ensemble a cumbersome headache. We’ve wrestled up a couple of lightweight and soft options that would be perfect for layering underneath cardigans and pullovers alike!

Just as important is the texture of the sweater…you don’t want it to be too bulky because then you won’t be able to roll up your sleeves. This is the trick to layering that can be hard to master; finding items that can be layered together in a stylish but also comfortable way. It happens so often that we throw together a gorgeously layered ensemble, but find ourselves peeling layers off by the end of the day. The blouses above pair nicely with the thin cardigans below to keep you from overheating!

Jeans can be difficult and it all comes down to personal preference. Different body types need different things from their jeans, but in general, the stretchier the jean, the more comfortable the fit. There’s nothing quite like a pair of jeans you can actually move around in. When your range of motion is uninhibited, you also feel uninhibited. We’ve rounded up some great stretch denim for you to be able to rock this outfit comfortably all day long!

The shoes that Ashley wears with this outfit is what really takes it to the next level. It might sound weird to pair heels with a somewhat casual ensemble, but that’s exactly what takes it to a more professional look. She opted for a gold snakeskin pump, but we’re not sure that’s the most versatile choice so we’ve chosen to show off some great gold, rose gold and neutral pumps that will not only look fantastic with this outfit, but also with other items in your closet!

Oh…and it never hurts to add a little wrist bling!

gold bracelet

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