#make_it_hapin: Pom Pom Hat & Knee High Boots

Winter fashion for women can be so hard! We want to look flawless, but it can be hard to mix the need to be stylish with the need for warmth and comfort. We have the perfect outfit for you! The key to staying trendy during the winter months is to find ways to take comfy items and accessorize them in a way that gives the entire ensemble a classy and polished look.

Take this outfit that one of our Make It Hapin clients submitted. It’s comfortable, polished and will make you feel confident without forcing you to freeze your tush off! Check out the items our personal shoppers found for her!

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pompom beanie outfit

Starting from the top down…there’s the knit beanie with a pom pom. Pom poms are all the rage this year and it’s not hard to see why. There is a playfulness to the accessory that evokes fun and youthful memories, as well as having a very flattering shape for most people’s heads!

pom pom beanie

The best part about this outfit is how flexible it is. You can opt for a neutral sweater like the one featured in the image, or you can choose a rich dark color or a fun holiday print! It’s completely up to you to make it your own!

While jean choice might not seem very important with this outfit, it actually is. The key to making sure you’re comfortable while rocking this ensemble is that you choose a pair of super skinny jeans that are made out of thin fabric. The reason for this is that you don’t want the jeans to be bunching and gathering underneath the knee high boots. Check out the pair we found, and click on the link to buy them for yourself!

And now…last but certainly not least…the over the knee boots! This accessory is the main event, and it’s what takes this outfit to the next level. Over the knee boots have come back into fashion in recent years, and it’s because they add dynamic detail to the ensemble. The best part is that they have come out with ones with lower heels, which dials down the sexiness factor without removing it altogether, making it perfectly appropriate for the office!

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