Everything You Need To Know About Styling Leather Leggings

I know what you’re thinking. Are leather leggings still in style? The answer is YES! Okay then…how do you wear leather leggings? That’s what we’re here to talk about! This article of clothing is a staple that is comfortable, but also adds complexity and funk to any ensemble. It’s all about taking simple outfits up a notch and leather leggings are just the winter trend to do that for you!

How to wear leather leggings for a night out

Sequins & Leather: For a night out on the town, you can’t go wrong with a fun and flashy sequined top. A good rule of thumb for these tops is to make sure they’re long enough to cover your bum! The looser the better too since it will offer a contrast to the tight, form fitting leggings. If you prefer to accentuate your waist, choose a peplum top or cinched tunic.

leather legging outfit

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Lace & Leather: Another great way to rock leather leggings for a night out on the town is to pair them with a flirty and feminine lace top. The juxtaposition of the soft and subtle lace with the edginess of the leather leggings creates a unique and dynamic ensemble that will have you turning heads. Don’t forget to add some statement pieces like a printed clutch or large geometric earrings!

lace and leather outfit

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How to wear leather leggings to work

Leather & Denim: A great way to sport leather leggings to the office is by pairing them with a denim (or Chambray) top. This look is casual enough that you’ll be comfortable all day, but classic and appropriate for all your workday meetings. The best part? The leggings and the top create a great, somewhat neutral, backdrop where you can showcase some great statements pieces. Try a bright mustard bag like the image below…or some animal print flats!

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Leather Leggings & Sweater: A great way to style leather leggings for fall/winter is to pair them with a oversized sweater. The loose and cozy feel of the sweater offsets the edginess of the leather. Sweaters also have a softening effect so it makes the entire outfit more casual, making it perfect for the office!

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