A Color Story for Fall/Winter 2018: Red Pear

For all of you who don’t know, the Pantone Color Institute helps the fashion industry make style decisions based on their predictions around color trends every year. This blog post is the first in a series where we’ll dive into each of the main color trends and how to best incorporate those trends into your wardrobe! (Full disclosure…Pantone released a top 10 list of colors, but since a lot of them are very similar, we’ll be covering the 5 best.)

So…what color will we be talking about today? Well, that’s none other than…


The color red, known for being a showstopper, is the perfect way to turn heads this winter! Whether you’re draped from top to bottom or just adding a pop to a neutral ensemble, this particular hue of red will keep you looking classy and sophisticated all season long! Check out some of our favorite looks and shop them for yourself below.

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We wouldn’t be doing this trend justice without mentioning the Queen (or Dutchess!) of style…Miss Kate Middleton! This dress is simple, tasteful and appropriate for all occasions.

We’ve found a similar dress for you to make your own! Click here or on the image to purchase this dress for yourself!

woman in a red dress

Not into dresses? No problem! Rock this tone by layering a comfy knit sweater on top of an edgy black ensemble.

We were able to track down a close match for this sweater, just click here or on the image to purchase the item for yourself!

red sweater

Are you looking to rock a cutting edge, chic outfit this winter? There’s no better way than to tack on a Red Pear trench coat!

Check out this amazing trench coat we found for you so you can re-create the look from above! Click here or on the image to purchase it for yourself!

You can also add touches of Red Pear to outfits by using accessories to highlight the trend and add complexity to an otherwise subtle outfit. Check out some fun accessories we’re loving right now!

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