Be Bold in Fall Floral

When people think of floral print, they usually think of spring or summer. This fall season, we’re seeing a LOT of floral print in stores and it made a big imprint on runway fashion. So, how do you pull off floral print in the fall while fitting in with the season? Our answer: go bold! Bold floral print with stark contrast on a dark background is eye-catching and statement-making. We’ve got the skinny on how to wear bold floral prints and make it a part of your fall wardrobe.

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A Daring Dress

A dramatic floral print dress such as this one by Topshop in the outfit our stylists put together below is the perfect fall dress. The loud contrast of the print is softened up by the ruffles on the sleeves and hem. Throw on a panama hat, some peep-toe booties, and a gold choker and you’re set.

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Rad Retro Shirt

Yup, the 70s are making a comeback in fashion and we’re all in! Retro floral prints are a perfect way to wear this fall trend. We put together the quintessential retro look below – complete with a retro floral shirt, corduroy flare pants, and platform boots!

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Lively Leggings

Leggings with a bold print can liven up a more casual look. Adopt this season’s floral print trend with leggings like the ones in the look below. The contrasting large flowers of the print stand out and are everything but boring. Bonus points for this look: the fabrics are soft and comfy!

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