Get Cozy In An Oversized Cardigan

A fall trend that we are very much on board with is oversized cardigans. Just the thought of wrapping ourselves in these sweaters to keep warm in the crisp fall air makes us eager to jump on the bandwagon. There are many different style options for these too – from long and slender to thick and puffy. Styling your outfit with an oversized cardigan can help you tie together your look while staying cozy and warm.

Oversized cardigans are a very versatile way to add layering to your outfits. They’re also flattering, so you can’t go wrong! Our personal shoppers have put together a few different looks to show how you can adapt your wardrobe to adopt this trendy piece.

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Comfy Casual

OK, so sporting a casual look with a cardigan is super easy and you probably don’t need too much of our help with this one. But why not liven it up a bit with some color? This season’s fashion colors are all about the blues. You can go bold with a bright blue or tone it down a bit with navy. An oversized cardigan like the one in the photo below is the perfect way to pull this off. Throw on your favorite jeans and t-shirt and wrap yourself up with this Stripe Cardigan from Treasure & Bond.

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Cozy Classy

Perhaps the most standard use of a cardigan is for work wear. But, your standard length cardigan can be a bit boring. Keep things interesting with a long cardigan in a vibrant color! Check out the Side Split Midi Cardigan from Leith to create a long and lean silhouette while keeping warm from that frigid office A/C.

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Snug Social

Don’t you wish you could feel as cozy and warm as you are at home on the couch under a blanket even when you’re out on a girls night? Well…with the right roomy cardigan and coordinated outfit…you can! I know, right? Win! This Long Cardigan from H&M is a match made in cozy heaven when worn with a faux leather skirt and cami. Drop the shoulder on one side for extra allure. Make your going-out outfit extra comfy without losing style by wearing a pair of pointed toe mules!

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