#make_it_hapin: A Rocker Chic Look

One of our clients submitted a rocker chic look that was super fun to shop for. The casual ensemble included skinny jeans, a grey tee, black boots, and was pulled together with a black leather jacket (which is all the rage for this fall season). All of the items are versatile and can be worn in different ways, together or separate. Here is the look that was submitted:

girl with jacket, jeans, grey top

Our shopper paid particular attention to the detail in the jacket, as there are many different leather jacket styles out there and she wanted to make sure she captured the inspiration for the look in this photo with the items she found. Here are the items our shopper found for our client:

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The distressed skinny jeans and grey t-shirt provided the base of the outfit. The jacket is a very close match with the zipper sleeves and subtle detailing that made this one our favorite. The boots have laces and straps to match the style like the one in the photo in our client’s price range. Our client was very happy with all of the choices our shopper presented to her.

If you love this look too and want to shop the items, you can find the items here:

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